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We cannot combat marine debris alone, and in order to succeed we need communities, especially the ones living by bodies of water, to take action. This can be achieved by empowering them through raising their awareness and provide impactful action against marine debris for them to do in their daily lives.

Sri Lanka

PHINLA (Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka) is a global waste management program funded by BMZ currently implemented in 3 countries. PHINLA aims to support government programs regarding waste management at the community level. In Indonesia, PHINLA is implemented in 5 subdistricts and intensively accompany and develop 10 waste banks in Jakarta.

SOSIS (Save Our Ocean and Small Islands) is a community development program facilitated by DCA with Kepulauan Seribu (Thousand Island) as the focus of the program. SOSIS has been ongoing since 2018, collaborating with multiple stakeholders such as tourism providers, household members, waste collectors, local and provincial government, schools, and private sectors.

Educate & Development
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