For The Sake of The Ocean

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To create modern and real-time maps of marine debris in indonesia as data to take action against marine pollution


Preventive action:

supporting ocean environment conservation efforts in Indonesia.


Curative action:

being one of the accelerator stakeholder in solving environmental problems in Indonesian ocean.


Sustainable tourism:

promoting and implementing sustainable marine tourism.


Data platform:

functioning as an accessible data center regarding ocean environment problems in Indonesia.

vision 1
We are young, proactive, & passionate in raising awareness of marine pollution and conservation challenge
vision 3
vision 1vision 3
We are data-driven problem solvers
We move and take actions as a community
vision 1
We are open to any collaborations that will help us expand the reach of good deeds

Future Plan

We are going to fight until 2050 where plastic will NOT outweigh the fish in the ocean.

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