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18034People Educated
10Fostered Waste Banks
2000Houses Educated
250Waste Bank Customers
2000Separated Trashbags Distributed
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PHINLA is a global waste management program implemented in 3 countries (Phillippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka). In Indonesia, our main goal is to support the government's program of waste management in community and household level. 


Implemented by Wahana Visi Indonesia and Divers Clean Action, PHINLA in DKI Jakarta is implemented in 5 villages and supports 10 waste banks within.


Our Global Presence


We Help to Save Our Earth

Supporting the government's program regarding waste management from household and community level.


Elevating the quality of waste management mechanism in village level with related stakeholders.


Promoting social behavior change communication in related communities in regards to waste management


Escalating waste bank capacity


Empowering The Community

PHINLA in Indonesia is implemented in 5 villages spread in North and East Jakarta. The 5 villages are: Cipinang Besar Selatan, Marunda, Cilincing, Semper Barat, and Penjaringan. Within these 5 villages, we foster 10 waste banks.


The villages were chosen as these areas previously fostered by Wahana Visi Indonesia from various programs. 

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Introducing Waste Bank (Bank Sampah)

The waste bank is a concept for collecting household dry waste, such as plastic, paper, cans, and others that implement a conversion system from waste into money, to increase citizen participation in sorting and recycling waste. In Jakarta, this waste bank is a program of the Environment Agency which aims to reduce the volume of waste from household activities and so that the recycled waste can have economic value towards the community members.
Our Beneficiaries
Cucak Rowo Waste BankRW 2 Cipinang Besar Selatan
Kenanga Waste BankRW 04 Semper Barat
Maju Selalu Waste BankRW 05 Marunda
Suka Senang Waste BankRW 06 Semper Barat
Ciber Waste BankRW 09 Cilincing
Jalak Green Collection Waste BankRW 05 Cipinang Besar Selatan
Tulip Waste BankRW 01 Marunda
Bougenville Waste BankRW 04 Marunda
Aspol Waste BankRW 07 Cilincing
Poksay Waste BankRW 04 Cipinang Besar Selatan
What They Say

Here are a few testimonies from our beneficiaries and team members

"Kenanga waste bank was made a few years ago 2012, but it stopped operating due to lack of human resources (pandemi 2019.. 2021). With the implementation and support of PHINLA, we got the strength to revive and renew Kenanga Waste Bank. PHINLA came with the Accumulating Saving and Credit Association program, making the community keen on participating in waste bank due to financial opportunities. We also learned from the PHINLA trainings to utilize Whatsapp Group to monitor the day-to-day operation of our waste bank, where members can notify when their waste are ready to be picked up and stored to the waste bank."

Nurpiah (Head of Kenanga Waste Bank)


Resources & Best Practices

Peraturan Gubernur DKI 33/2021


Peraturan Gubernur DKI 77/2020



Video Gallery

Bank Sampah 'Jalak Green Collection'04:38
Cara Pengelolaan Sampah Lingkup Rukun Warga01:49:56
Two Years on - Partnering to address solid waste management challenges05:14

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The website was made as part of the multi-country PHINLA Program held with the financial support from BMZ through World Vision Germany.  The Program is implemented in Philippines, Sri-Lanka and Indonesia. In Indonesia, PHINLA is implemented by Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) and Divers Clean Action (DCA).