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About Our Volunteering Program

As a versatile organization, we offer many volunteering opportunities in DCA. We always love working with volunteers as we get to meet individuals with big hearts and drive to protect our ocean. Our past volunteers helped us in collecting data, doing clean ups, educating schools and households, and many more activities. The purpose of having volunteers is to give us and you opportunities in doing more concrete actions to protect our ocean.

Program's Benefit

With the current pandemic situation, we are also accepting online internship. By volunteering or interning in DCA, you get

First-hand experience in how a new non-profit organization operates,
Join our day-to-day coordination,
Learn from experts regarding waste management activities.
If the situation allows, you can also attend offline on-site activities with us.
Expand your network
A certificate from us
Our Volunteers Say


"Mendapat kesempatan untuk magang di Divers Clean Action sangat berkesan bagi saya dan membuka wawasan mengenai gerakan NGO untuk lingkungan hidup dan para aktivis di dalamnya yang bekerja secara efektif dan aktif. Saya belajar banyak hal teknikal seperti menyelenggarakan acara atau program, dan juga berkomunikasi secara baik dengan publik, rekan kerja, dan berbagai stakeholder lainnya untuk menyebarkan ilmu mengenai isu sampah secara general dan marine debris. Teruslah menjadi organisasi yang solution-oriented dan memberi manfaat bagi publik demi memperjuangkan kesehatan lautan, manusia, dan lingkungan hidup."

Lady Zaenab Miftadi - DCA Internship 2020


"My internship at Divers Clean Action has been an eye-opening and immersive opportunity to engage virtually with Indonesia’s efforts to clean up marine debris. Prior to this internship, i had no real idea about Indonesia’s environmental issues, so it has been a pleasure to learn and write about how DCA is educating remote communities in sustainability, cleaning up the oceans and beaches of the Kepulauan Seribu, and working in so many different project areas to strengthen environmental conservation. This experience has allowed me to develop my writing skills, enhance my critical analysis of social and other forms of media engagement and to meet a group of hardworking, passionate and kind individuals who have made my experience as enjoyable as possible. Thank you DCA!"

Annabelle Sharman - ACICIS 2020


"It was a great opportunity for me to be able to exchange knowledge, ideas, information, and opinions with an organization that shares the same vision for the world as I do. Volunteer at ACICIS Students Exchange"

Sabutai Haider - ACICIS 2020


"From interning in DCA it furthered my interest in marine conservation and the very prevalent issue of marine debris. Before this experience I wasn’t certain on what major I wanted to choose at university, since I’m only a 2nd year university the major is still undecided, and future career paths that could come out of it but after this internship I now can easily decide on a marine science major. DCA’s work with the PHINLA project and possibility of PHINLA 2 project is very inspiring with their community work as well as their work on islands around Indonesia which are more affected by marine debris. Thank you for the amazing experience DCA and hopefully they can keep fighting until 2050 where plastic will NOT outweigh the fish in the ocean

Emma Greilach - ACICIS 2023


Through interning with NGOs such as DCA, students can get a real idea of how their study and field might fit into the environment, and are able to develop their goals and dreams for the future. They also get the opportunity to do trainings and workshops in which they can connect to nature and the environment, just like I did!”

Zofia Francis - ACICIS 2023

Advocate for Our Cause
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