CSR/EPR Collaborator


Fighting and combatting marine debris issues should be a joint effort between all sectors, including private ones. This is why we partner with companies that would like to do their CSR and further their EPR to solve marine debris issues.

No Straw Movement

KFC Indonesia is partnering with Divers Clean Action to reduce their plastic straw usage in all their outlets in a project called No Straw Movement. Starting from 6 stores in Jakarta, expanding to stores in Jabodetabek, this movement is finally implemented to all outlets in Indonesia. We also support other restaurants who do this movement!.


In this program by Danone and H&M Indonesia, the program collects plastic bottles waste from Thousand Island and convert them to wearable fashion item, gloves. By reusing the waste, this program minimize the amount of trash, and also helping the transportation of waste from small islands in Thousand Island to mainland Jakarta.