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Who We Are

Divers Clean Action

Divers Clean Action (DCA) is a youth NGO and community focusing on marine debris issues. DCA has been partnering in doing research with some universities. On the other hand, DCA also implements environmental collaborating program with diving institutions, takes role as facilitator for coastal community development, and does various campaigns and trainings. All the activities were done in the last 3 years with more than 1000 volunteers across Indonesia. DCA was established in 2015 by Swietenia Puspa Lestari, Nesha Ichida, and M. Adi Septiono. Now, DCA has 12 team members. Mutual goal of the team is to develop the youth role in combatting marine debris issues especially on Indonesian small islands.


To create modern and real-time maps of marine debris in Indonesia as data to take action against marine pollution.


  1. Preventive action: supporting ocean environment conservation efforts in Indonesia.

  2. Curative action: being one of the accelerator stakeholder in solving environmental problems in Indonesian ocean.

  3. Sustainable tourism: promoting and implementing sustainable marine tourism.

  4. Data platform: functioning as an accessible data center regarding ocean environment problems in Indonesia.

Meet Our Team

What we do for ourselves dies with us, what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal” – Albert Pike


Swietenia Puspa Lestari
Founder and Executive Director

Swietenia Puspa Lestari graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung majoring in Environment Engineering and founded DCA in 2015. Living in small islands as a child, she is a live witness to the deteriorating state of our oceans due to marine pollution. An aptitude diver as well, she translates her passion for the environment to building DCA, a foundation that strives to prevent and combat marine debris. She has since represented DCA and Indonesia in multiple international conferences, such as ECOSOC in United Nations Headquarters, Australian Awards, Our Ocean Conference, and Obama Leaders, and was handpicked to be the one presenting and introducing Barack Obama. Recently, she was chosen as the only Indonesian in BBC's Top 100 Women of 2019 list for her hard work as founder and executive director of DCA.

Nesha Ichida
Founder and Advisory Board

Nesha graduated with a BSc in Natural Sciences through Open Univeristy UK. She co-founded DCA with Tenia and Tio with the goal of combining their love of diving, science and environmentalism by mapping marine debris through engagement of citizen science. As the project evolved further into engaging more youths into the program, she loved how DCA was becoming a melting pot for young change makers to collaborate and be a support system for each other. She currently plays an advisory role to the rest of the DCA team and is usually present as other roles on different events. Currently, her full-time job is working as a marine conservation biologist focusing on sharks and rays, along with community development on the Savu Sea region of Indonesia under Indonesian Manta Project / Thrive Conservation.

M. Adi Septiono
Founder and Advisory Board

Tio is an environmental scientist with a huge interest on persistent pollutants and environmental crime. He graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung with Environmental Engineering major and currently pursuing masters in Indiana University focusing on Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, and Risk Assessment.


Nadhira Afina
Sustainability Manager

Starting from college life, Nadhira plunges herself into community engagement by travelling to deep rural areas to see the real world with its complex problems. Upon her achievement of Bachelor's degree in Environmental Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), she is eager to expand her contribution. To enrich her knowledge about living in society, she was enlisted as researcher of Empowerment Lab, Tsukuba University in 2016. Along the way, she stumbled into a group of determined youngsters built on the spirit to tackle marine debris issues. Nadhira, with enthusiasm, serves coastal communities with applicable solutions as Sustainability Manager in Divers Clean Action.

Vania Theresia Wangsa
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Vania has been interested in waste issues as she has learned it throughout her study as an Environmental Engineer at Institut Teknologi Bandung. Her first volunteering activity at DCA in Kepulauan Seribu made her realized that small islands are highly exposed to waste-related issues compared to people in the mainland. Combined with her 6-months research experience in Tokyo Institute of Technology and her involvement in several community service activities, she is challenged to take further action to tackle problems faced by the community. Thus, her active involvement is shown through her role as a Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator for DCA's SOSIS program in solving marine debris issue in Kepulauan Seribu.

Sri Pascarini
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Tina got her bachelor degree from Institut Teknologi Bandung, majoring in Environmental Engineering. Since college she was interested in waste management issue which brought her to take waste management in small island as her thesis topic and once helped DCA to conduct a waste generation research in Kepulauan Seribu. After completing her one year volunteering work as a teacher in one of remote island in Aceh, she is now DCA's Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist to improve community capacity on small islands in managing their environmental issues.

M. Rizky Sukmayadi
Community Facilitator

M. Rizky Sukmayadi received his Bachelor in Marine Science from Universitas Padjajaran and joined DCA since 2019 as SOSIS program's community facilitator. He joined DCA because of his love of the underwater world. Often finding dead corals caused by marine debris, he fully realizes the world is undergoing a climate crisis and the ecology is in a state of emergency regarding waste. He hopes with DCA he can prevent and repair the ocean's ecology damaged by marine debris.

Bagas Adiantyo P
Field Officer

Bagas Adiantyo Putra, graduated from Politeknik Kesejahteraan Sosial Bandung majoring in Social Work is currently a Community Facilitator of DCA's SOSIS program. His previous experience in community development made him realize that improper waste management can be a trigger factor of multiple society problems. Bagas aims to increase communities' capacity to be independent in managing their waste, especially in coastal areas and small islands, to minimize mismanaged waste and leakage of debris to the ocean.

Kiki Zamzam
Sustainability Staff

Kizam finished his study in Universitas Padjajaran majoring in Marine Science and joined DCA in 2020 as a Sustainability Staff. Throughout the years he is an avid entrepreneur. Interested in businesses related to environment, social, and ocean conservation, he wishes to implement his knowledge to solve marine debris issues in small islands while positively impact the economic growth.

Agung Ramos
Research Specialist

Agung completed his Bachelor of Marine Science from Universitas Padjajaran. He joined DCA from 2015, since the first ever clean up initiated by DCA's founders. He always admire the sea through books and studying, but after obtaining his diving license and becoming an active member of OSEANIK Unpad diving club, he witnessed that the ocean doesn't look that beautiful anymore and is in a state of emergency. So, by joining DCA he hopes to do good things for the ocean. His main task is obtaining marine debris data in Indonesia, collaborating with research institutions and individuals that want to contribute for the environment. He also manages and promotes sustainable tourism with DCA's partners in small islands, and processes other waste data collected by DCA.

Kristi Helena Tanjung
Communication Manager

Graduated from the Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia in 2017, Kristi is currently DCA's communication manager, handling both social and mainstream media, campaign, education, external relations, as well as several project and event management. A firm believer in prevention and promotion due to her education and a passion for youth movement, she hopes through her work that crucial information can be received and understood by people from all backgrounds and capacities to spark positive behavior change from each individual for the environment.

Siti Kirma Nurhabibah
Administration Specialist

Irma graduated from Universitas MH Thamrin with her background in accounting and joined DCA since 2017, contributing as an administration specialist. Irma's experience in engaging people of all ages and social backgrounds also makes her an asset in community approach and education.

Mikhael Tefa
Creative Specialist

Mike completed his study from Padjadjaran University majoring in Marine Science in 2018 and joined DCA since 2015. Developing and applying his interest in visual designing, photography, and videography since college, now he applies his creative skills in DCA interest. Paired with his diving skills and passion for research, he is valuable in collecting and visualising data to be released to specific institutions or the general public.